Why Your Business Needs a Google Place Page

Every business can benefit from more exposure. Because of current trends, having a great Google Places listing is almost becoming a necessity.

  • 20% of Google’s total searches contain a geographic/ local qualifier like a zip code, a city, or a street (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • 3 billion searches each month are for local-based keywords (Google, SXSW 2011)

As a result, it has never been more important to ensure that you build a strong and meaningful presence for your business on the web.

This includes the necessity to optimize your website for the search engines AND harness the power of local business listings, like Google Places.

The time is now to enhance your Google Places listing, there is a lot to know and that’s where we come in.  There are many details that need to be filled out correctly or you won’t get the benefit. Plus, we take your photos and videos and submit them to the top photo and video sharing sites and code them in a way to get you more exposure and help your places page rank higher for your main keywords.

100% Optimized Google Places Page

Poorly Optimized Google Places Page