Traffic Generation – Web Traffic Vs Web Traffic Intelligence

Web Traffic Solutions That Fail?

Almost every business has a website these days, but only a small fraction of them are bringing any significant results. Frustrated, many of them start looking for just about anything and everything that could possibly bring visitors to their site.

Here’s the problem.

In order to maximize an online marketing strategy for your business it’s critical to work within the framework of two key numbers:

  1. Acceptable Cost Per Lead
  2. Acceptable Cost Per Conversion

If you don’t already know these numbers, we’ll work to help you to set up process and analytics to help you identify them.

Web Traffic Intelligence That Works

In order to maximize your website’s conversion rates, you must understand how your potential customers use your website, how they use the internet, and what makes them take action. We work with you to develop traffic and conversion strategies that make sense based on the unique economics and personality of your particular business. This is the key to achieving the highest possible return for your online marketing investment.

This Is Where We Come In

At Impact For Business we are constantly growing our resources, knowledge, and expertise in online marketing and conversion methods across a variety of different markets. We’ll help you develop effective and measurable techniques to get the right kind of visitors for your business and the best conversions possible.

We Know Business AND Marketing

At Impact For Business, we’re not just marketers, we’re business owners and entrepreneurs just like you. We know how to analyze a business from front to back in order to not only drive more customers to your business, but also to increase your conversion rates, customer loyalty, and potential back end sales opportunities.

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